Apr 1, 2014

Mar 31, 2014

Feb 13, 2014

Team Wizard

Shot Breakdown:

The Short:

Billy Mpetha – The Cyclops / 3D character Animator, Modeler and Rigging (2D effects animator for last shot)
David Sadler – The Surfer Old Guy / 2D Animator, Compositor, Concept Artist Dan James – Odysseus and Cat / 2D Animator, Sound Design
Chavdar Yordanov – Wizard Girl / Lead 2D Animator, Storyboarding, Concept Artist

Feb 12, 2014

The Sound of Taste

This little one minute commercial has some nice slo-mo colorflu explosions.

Jan 27, 2014

Commercial for the Brazilian Wine Institute

Escala agency approached Santa Transmedia Productions to create a piece for Ibravin - Brazilian Wine Institute - that would stand out during the commercial breaks. The result was a graphical extravaganza that takes advantage of the script's comparative nature to set up a dynamic pace. The spot oscillates between the austere tone of the inventions and the playful color explosions that depict how Brazilian culture has affected each of them. To achieve the final look and fluidity, we used a mix of techniques that range from 3D solutions to traditional frame-by-frame animation.
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