Aug 1, 2014

Wild & Wolly

Done by 2veinte feat Juan Molinet
Directed by Pablo Gostanian
Character Art & Design: Juan Molinet
Art & Animation Direction: Pablo Gostanian
Lead Cel Animation: Melisa Farina, Facundo Quiroga
Animatic: Facundo Quiroga, Melisa Farina, Julian Pereyra Coimbra
Cel Animation: Melisa Farina, Facundo Quiroga, Sebastian Garcia, Julian Pereyra Coimbra, Santiago Medina, Martin Gil, Valentina Candia, Augusto Gabrys
Additional Cel Animation: Alex Gostanian, Damian Sendin
Storyboard: Pablo Gostanian
Character Transformation Design: Pablo Gostanian, Augusto Gabrys, Facundo Quiroga, Melisa Farina
Production: Melisa Farina
Composition: Facundo Quiroga, Pablo Gostanian
Music and SFX:
Character voices: Pablo Gostanian, Alex Gostanian
Executive Producer: Agustin Valcarenghi

Jul 31, 2014

The Story of a Story

The Story of a Story is an attempt to translate the love and effort we put into every film we make. The idea came while we were talking about how hard it can be for outsiders to understand the workflow behind what we do. It can all seem a bit too magical and otherworldly (because in a way it is), but it’s also a damn serious process. We wanted to explain how each step leads to another in the twist of a story and have fun with loads of different animation techniques. An ode to our own job, ‘cause that’s how much we love it!

Music and Sound Design: Dennis Filatov and Calle Wachtmeister (

Jul 29, 2014

Jul 3, 2014

HOUSE OF MARLEY - The Get Together

Animators: Jeffrey Lai & Hyun Song

Jun 26, 2014

Jun 18, 2014

2D FX for FOX Nascar All-star Race 2014

Creative Director Frame: Anders Schroder
Creative Director FOX: Guillermo Lecuona
Sr. Creative Director FOX: Blake Danforth
Design: Sebastian Onufszak
Animation: Kasper Nyman
Animation: Tom Crate
Animation: Franz Ferdinand Kubin
Animation: Kenneth Petersen
Producer FOX: Laura Miller
Executive Producer Frame: Thomas Bay
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