Jan 13, 2012

Gobelins Students' FX Animation

FX exercises made in 3 weeks by groups of 5 students in 2nd year at the french Gobelins school.

Oni - by Cyrille Chauvin, Augustin Clermont, Guillaume Dousse, Adrien Gromelle, and Thibaud Petitpas.

Brütal Vacances - by Clément De Ruyter, Eve Guastella, Juliaon Roels, Pierre Rutz, and Gaspard Sumeire.

Mad Scientist - by Chloé Nicolay, Yoann Bomal, Christine Shin, Laura Pannetier, and Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart.

The Red Light - by Karina Gazizova, Estelle Chaloupy, Sarah Colmet-Daâge, Maël Jaouen, and Hélène Leroux.

Soap - by Wyckens Manddy, Marthe Delaporte, Lea Justum, Guillaume Arantes, and Jeanne-Sylvette Giraud.

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Mihir Malavia said...

Awesome find! Very inspirational, thanks for sharing.