Oct 27, 2009

Why wield a whip when you can be the whip?

Scott Peterson has been busy during his time off from being an Effects Supervisor at PDI/Dreamworks. Inspired by games like Battlezone, Geometry Wars and Michel Gagne's special effects style, his latest project was diving into the world of game development. Focusing his efforts on an appealing visual effects aesthetic complemented by simple, abstract game actors, and a unique game mechanic that gives players a new gaming experience, his endeavors has lead to the original game labeled "WhipCrack".

This game lets you assume control of a space-age whip as you crack through swarms of deadly enemies. Solve puzzles, earn upgrades, and fling your master across the screen while battling across 19 devious single-player missions.

Gameplay Trailer:

Here's the link to the game's website.

Oct 10, 2009

Incredible Slow Motion Video Of Bullet Impacts On Various Materials

A 10-minute video showing the impact of bullets on various targets at 1 million frames per second. It was made by German engineer Werner Mehl who created the PVM-21 infrared chronograph, in many respects the most sophisticated ballistic speed-measuring system. There's so much amazing video reference out there online for FX animators, this is just another one of hundreds of great clips you can find. More Tutorials coming soon, I promise.