Jan 17, 2012

2D Effects Animation Course by Adam Phillips

Here’s what you get in your first month for just $24 at BCA FX:

Wk 1: Lightning – Wk 2: Small Flame – Wk 3: Smoke Ribbons – Wk 4: Gravity
Every article is split into sections of physics, design, timing and treatment, so you not only learn how to animate the effect, but study the physics that drive its behaviour. Each week is packed with explanations, diagrams, example files, reference images, video demonstrations and lectures.

The climb steepens in month 2 with:
Wk 5: Ripples – Wk 6: Wave Motion – Wk 7: Dust – Wk 8: Surface Tension
You may cancel at any time and retain access to what you’ve paid for. For $24/month you get weekly articles, demonstrations, examples, illustrations and videos. PLUS exclusive access to the ultra-sssshh secret BCA dark arts FX club for FX wizards with FX hats.

Month 3 gets crazy with:
Wk 9: Flame – Wk 10: Reference – Wk 11: Steam – Wk 12: Light & Shadow

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Jan 13, 2012

Gobelins Students' FX Animation

FX exercises made in 3 weeks by groups of 5 students in 2nd year at the french Gobelins school.

Oni - by Cyrille Chauvin, Augustin Clermont, Guillaume Dousse, Adrien Gromelle, and Thibaud Petitpas.

Brütal Vacances - by Clément De Ruyter, Eve Guastella, Juliaon Roels, Pierre Rutz, and Gaspard Sumeire.

Mad Scientist - by Chloé Nicolay, Yoann Bomal, Christine Shin, Laura Pannetier, and Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart.

The Red Light - by Karina Gazizova, Estelle Chaloupy, Sarah Colmet-Daâge, Maël Jaouen, and Hélène Leroux.

Soap - by Wyckens Manddy, Marthe Delaporte, Lea Justum, Guillaume Arantes, and Jeanne-Sylvette Giraud.