Dec 1, 2010

The Show Reel of Nicolas Léger

Check out the nice FX work mixed into this animation demo. See his artwork here.

Nov 23, 2010

Bring Color To Life

See the Making Of video here.
“The beauty of chance and high speed film come together for this new commercial for Canon’s Pixma printer. Shot over two days with biochemist Linden Gledhill and Award Winning Photographer Jason Tozer.”
The spot entitled ‘Bring Colour to Life’ was directed by the fantastic Christopher Hewitt and is as simple as a concept could be but is absolutely spectacular to watch. You can also take a look at some amazing images from the shoot in Linden Gledhill’s Flickr account, aalong with Christopher Hewitt’s website, and these follow-ups for great FX animation references:

Nov 2, 2010

The Works of Jason Keyser

Watch Keyser's incredible show reel of beautiful Flash FX Animation, and see his website with a few tutorials and samples of his art here.

The Works of Jake Macher

I've known Jake for 10 years now, ever since I started directing animated series for television, and I've always relied on his incredible talents as an effects animator, check out his show reel, the FX kick in at 1:28. Visit his site with illustration work here.

Jan 24, 2010

Reference Reference Reference

Click the pic to see some awesome high-speed photography, plenty of amazing references for FX animation!