Oct 20, 2015

2D FX Animation Tutorial: Fire Explosion - Part 1

Applying the previous tutorials which explored the principles of designing your FX first before diving into animating your effects, now Jason continues his in-dept lessons by adding wonderful motion to his designs.

Oct 9, 2015

Wildstar - Cinematic Trailer

I've been seeing 2D FX expertly being applied 3CG-Animated television series, films, and now video games for many years. I've always wanted to see more, and often predicted it would look better (stylistically) than the usual fuzzy, blurry, particle FX animation we've all seen these past 20 years... in film especially. Now it's great to see more and more of it being used, it's usually more cost effective, and looks cleaner, sharper, and stands out better.

Oct 6, 2015

Star Wars Ep I: Luke - by The Magnificent Itch

Everyone loves Star Wars, right? Here's the first Episode in a series of Star Wars themed shorts. The Magnificent Itch just about finished Ep II. It'll be released soon, but you get to vote which character we animate next... Follow us for updates on Twitter twitter.com/MagnificentItch Facebbok: facebook.com/TheMagnificentItch
or Instagram instagram.com/magnificentitch/
As a special gift for fellow animators, here's Luke's Animation Rig we animated this with. Made with Maya 2012.
Vote below, and if you'd like to help us financially to create more, we have a Patreon account!

Oct 3, 2015