Oct 28, 2013

Making Of: "Till Dance do us Part"

A clip showing the different animation stages from shots animated by Thijs Viegers.
Ink/Paint: Junaid Chundrigar
Compositing: Ben Vinkenburg

Oct 25, 2013

Brutal Vacances

FX test by these Gobelins students from 2011:
Clément De Ruyter, Eve Guastella, Juliaon Roels, Pierre Rutz, Gaspard Sumeire

Oct 22, 2013


Composed by Kensuke Fujii kensukefujii.jp

This music sounds somewhat monophonic, so this video was made such as polyphony in contrast.
Animation can make events not only simple but easy to understand. Each elements used in this video separate from the meaning which they have originally, they are used for only representing something dynamic.

Oct 14, 2013

"Road to the Cup" - by Studio Mir and Riot Games

Some nice effects animation spread out through this video, covering mostly all the elements, like fire, smoke/dust, debris, electricity, magical elements, energy conjuring and blasting.