Feb 15, 2009

#5 - Basic Camera Moves

Here's a sample of a camera move with slow ins and outs:

Here it is again but with even more life to it:

Here it is without any ease in or out properties on the tweens, it makes it easier to track a character while panning with an action, but the smooth and organic feel to it is lost:

One last version, here I added some variety of ease-ins and outs and had the camera overshoot as it's panning with the action and then a camera bounce on the truck in, making it a bit softer than the #2 version shown above, the camera tracks the running character a bit better.

Click on this image to see the process on the timeline:

Download the sample camera move's Flash file for guidance here.

Here's the fast and simple way to make a basic camera move for a truck-in or to achieve any smooth pan or tilt effect. This technique can be expanded upon with more key frames and having your onion skin activated to see the "spacing" between your frames and make adjustments to have short ease-in effect with a consistent middle part of a long pan and then a snappy but smooth ease out to make the camera come to a slow stop without starting or finishing so suddenly. Click on each image to enlarge it.


Jeff said...

Hi Ron,

Thanks a lot. This was extremely helpful with some current animation I am working on. I just subbed.



Anonymous said...


Nice cartoon animation. I am currently using Flash CS4, and still struggling animate things.

interesting animation you have made.

the camera guy